VT Myers-Lawson construction school presents results of year-long robotic dog project

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) – Hokie fans are already gearing up for Saturday’s big game, but on Friday all the action took place at Myers-Lawson School of Construction.

“Spot the robot dog” showed his moves to staff and students inside the Bishop-Favrao Hall, but the dance moves are only a small part of what the “dog” can do.

The project is made possible by Procon Consulting, a company founded by two Tech Alumni, who hope to inspire current students.

“That’s what we need. We need them to scale up, to be very engaged, to try to innovate and to help us solve some of the most pressing issues. most critical of the construction industry that we face today, ”said Procon Co-Founder and Chairman Kyu Jung.

Capital Construction associate director Paul Ely said that in the construction industry it’s important for students to have this kind of hands-on experience.

“Construction is a very kinesthetic industry. It is therefore essential for their learning to make them see, feel and experience the site.

The workshop focused on research findings – such as spotting the robot dog on construction sites and how to make sites safer. The majority of the results were positive, but having the robot on site can still present dangers.

“We did a lot of testing in a controlled environment and when we went to construction sites we were able to reduce the risks and implement them on a construction site,” said Keresh Afsari, associate professor at VT .

For a Senior Tech of the project, Minghao Dong, his research was made possible in part through a memorial program for Dr Kevin Granata, who was killed in the 2007 tragedy. Those present said that Dr Granata was very committed to safety. aspect of the projects, which was the focus of this research project.

“Just by doing this, I am researching in the area of ​​security, so as to recall Granata’s actions. As long as people remember him, his actions will be remembered, ”said

For Walid Thabet, professor at VT Building Construction, this type of research is vital for the future of the construction industry.

“We adopt the technology not only because some of us want to test it, but also to take advantage of the construction performance, which is the product the owner gets when the job is done.

Thabet said Friday’s workshop was also a collaboration between many organizations, and he is proud of the outcome.

For more information on the Myers-Lawson Construction School, you can find their website here.

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