Uttarakhand village slips downhill due to road construction and soil weakening, geologists warn

Nearly 200 villages in Dharchula and Munsyari sub-divisions are located on debris (representation)

Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand:

Dar – the first village in the Darma Valley in Uttarakhand’s Dharchula Subdivision – is gradually sliding down the slope as the land below continues to weaken, making it unsuitable for human habitation, a geologist who surveyed the village on the orders of the administration of the mentioned district.

“At least 35 families out of a total of 150 living in the village must be relocated immediately as the houses they live in slowly slide down the slope,” said Pradeep Kumar, who led a team of geologists to the village for an investigation. . recently.

The cause of the downward slide is the widening work on the Sobla-Tidang road in addition to the underground water bodies that descend, weakening the land on which the village is located, he said.

These water bodies became underground after being buried under tons of landslide debris around 200 years ago and are gradually receding, making the top layers of the soil even weaker, Kumar said.

“The village is located on landslide debris which has already weakened the ground because there are no hard rocks underneath,” he said.

Nearly 200 villages in the Dharchula and Munsyari subdivisions are located on debris that has accumulated as a result of landslides in the surrounding hills over the centuries and are highly susceptible to landslides, he said. declared.

Gram Pradhan from the village of Dar Savita Devi had written to the administration to complain about the slope of some houses in the village. A team of geologists led by Pradeep Kumar was sent by the district administration to the village for an investigation following his complaint.

“Families living in homes in danger must be immediately moved to safe places as calamity can strike at any time,” she warned.

Dharchula Subdivision Magistrate AK Shukla said further action would be taken after receiving the investigation report from the team of geologists and studying the report in detail.

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