The construction industry is experiencing a labor shortage

It is the season of shortages, and the labor shortage is affecting the construction industry.

Building Skills New York executive director David Meade said it started before the pandemic and is still having an impact on the industry.

“I think there was some hesitation, certainly with the pandemic. I think people are going back to school. Schools are reopening, which allows individuals to have a more stable work schedule right now,” Meade said.

Now, the association is working to attract more workers to construction sites, hiring workers like Darren Perez to fill vacant positions.

“I started over four months ago. I am a painter’s helper but I do all the preparation, I will sand the walls, the doors, the door frames,” said Perez.

Meade says Building Skills New York connects nearly 400 people to construction jobs per year and that there are currently hundreds of vacancies they are looking to fill.

He says the nonprofit works with community organizations to help fill these roles.

“Darren, we found him through Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation. We then put him in touch through one of our contractors who are building this site,” Meade said.

As the nonprofit seeks to alleviate the current labor shortage in the industry, staff say they hold weekly career directions on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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