The confrontation turns physical at the Vision Home Builders office

We must warn you that some of the videos we are about to show you may upset some viewers.

SOUTH CENTRAL TOWNSHIP, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— An I-Team investigation into the abrupt shutdown of a Columbia County homebuilding company escalated into a physical confrontation on Wednesday.

Vision Home Builders near Bloomsburg closed without warning in April. Clients contacted Team I for help saying they were left financially broke with homes that were unfinished or never started.

On Wednesday, the story took an unusual and violent turn, as you can see in the video.

The I-Team again went to the now-closed Vision Home Builders to try and speak with its owner Jeff McCreary.

Eyewitness News had learned that there was some sort of sale going on in the business, and unbeknownst to Eyewitness News, a client of the company also showed up and things went wrong.

Andy Mehalshick, an I-Team reporter, visited the offices of Vision Home Builders to try to speak with Jeff McCreary, who Eyewitness News has been trying to speak with for over a month.

“Hello, is Mr. McCreary here?” Mehalshick asked.

“Go away,” answered an unfamiliar voice.

“I’m recording this for your protection and mine, is your name Mr. McCreary?” I’m just trying to talk to Mr. McCreary to get his side of the story. Is Mr. McCreary here?

Then someone slammed the door.

“Are you Mr. McCreary?” My name is Andy Mehalshick, he has my number,” Mehalshick asked again.

Andy’s photographer L Bacerra and Andy walked away to get video of the property and intended to leave.

Then Eyewitness News saw Amber Bradshaw at the front door.

The man we now know is Jeff McCreary and his wife walked out of the office.

“You owe me $30,000!” Know that you owe me $30,000! Bradshaw shouted.

“Get the hell out of here!” McCreary shouted back.

“You’re going to jail!” Amber Bradshaw replied.

“No, you are!” McCreary shouted back.

“You are – Oh my god!” Bradshaw shouted.

Next, McCreary turned his attention to news from Eyewitness; again, at this time, Eyewitness News did not know who this man was.

“Can we ask who you are sir?” Mehalshick asked the approaching man

“I own the property,” McCreary replied.

“My name is Andy Mehalshick – No reason for an assault – Don’t be physical!”

“I’ve had it up to here !” McCreary shouted. “Get down, get down!”

“Don’t attack us! Mehalshick pleaded.

“Get off the property!” McCreary shouted.

“We are off the property!” Mehalshick replied

Reporter Andy Mehalshick called the police as the confrontation continued.

“You are harassing! McCreary yelled at Mehalshick.

“We don’t harass,” Mehalshick replied.

“You keep posting stuff for people to sue us!” McCreary shouted back.

“We don’t harass, we try to get your side of the story”,

South Center Township Police attended the scene and questioned Bradshaw.

Eyewitness News was also able to speak with Bradshaw after things calmed down a bit.

“He stormed out, threw me on the ground, threw a rock at my car, him and his wife, aggressively,” Bradshaw told Eyewitness News.

McCreary had emailed customers in April when the business closed saying he had no choice but to close due to the negative financial impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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