She Builds Day takes place in Covington

COVINGTON, Ky. — Holmes High School on Saturday became the site of She Builds, a program with ACI, to host She Builds Day. Senior Manager Lydia Burns said She Builds aims to bring more women and people of color into the construction industry.

What do you want to know

  • She Builds is a program with ACI, a local construction company
  • It seeks to close the gender gap in construction and attract more girls and minorities into the industry
  • Senior manager Lydia Burns said the industry is only about 9% female
  • They organize events like She Builds Day to interest and educate more girls about the industry

“She builds specifically wants to make sure that all building programs, all building companies, reflect the population. Not just bringing women into the industry, but also more minorities into the industry,” Burns said. “These stereotypes, we are going to break them and we are going to change the workforce of the construction industry and make it representative of the population.”

This is where awareness comes in. She Builds Day was held at Covington School for girls to come and work on assembling a table and other wooden objects. There, 12-year-old Lane Flerlage said she loves building things and loves helping people. So coming to help set up a table was the perfect fit for her.

“I’m having a lot of fun because a lot of people are like oh she’s just a middle schooler, she doesn’t know how to do this stuff and I’m like I know that,” Flerlage said.

She said it was also fun to prove those doubters wrong.

“It’s hilarious to see their shocked faces,” she said.

It’s more than proving people wrong. Burns said there was a lot of attention to detail in the work and that working with his hands can appeal to anyone.

“You can see the work you did that day right in front of you. There are a lot of rewards to be had from it – and from doing something that takes strength and endurance, skill and detail. When you see this done, it’s such a good feeling. Women deserve that feeling as much as any man,” Burns said.

She Builds aims to do more work in Ohio and Northern Kentucky to inspire others to break stereotypes.

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