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Q: Are owners of Habitat homes required to maintain them?

A: Rover contacted the executive director of Wexford-Osceola Habitat for Humanity, Amy Gibbs, who told Rover that if there was a problem brought to the organization’s attention, they could try to help resolve it. solve, but legally the organization can’t do anything to make a habitat owner do anything.

Just like anyone else who has a mortgage, habitat house dwellers own the house. Habitat for Humanity builds the house but then sells it to the person. If anyone has a specific complaint, Gibbs says they can call the Habitat Office at (231) 775-7561 and can try to help resolve the issue.

“Obviously, once a habitat partner, always a partner,” she said. “If we can help solve something, we will.”

Q: The old KFC building in Cadillac was for sale, but I didn’t see the For Sale sign. Has it been sold and what’s going on?

A: Rover contacted the city of Cadillac and spoke to Abagail Pluger. She told Rover that the building had been sold and the owner wasn’t sure what he was going to do or which business would reside there. She also told Rover that the owner is currently cleaning and remodeling the interior of the building.

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