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A special kind of loan

A special kind of loan

A debt loan is similar in form to a standard installment loan, but it is a special kind of loan. It serves to replace existing borrowings by giving the borrower more financial leeway. After completing such a loan, the recipient may be able to repay any old installment loan, for example, in order to get rid of you prematurely. Instead of many old loans, there is now only a new debt rescheduling.

By taking out a suitable loan amount, the borrower can not only pay off all residual debt to old lenders, but also benefit from relatively lower interest rates and better maturities. This means that after the debt restructuring you will not only have lower costs, but also greater planning security.

Private loans interest

Private loans interest

Private loans, which have to be repaid at different times, each with different interest rates. With a debt rescheduling loan, they can replace these existing loans prematurely and pay off only one loan from that date.

Differences between installment loans exist only in their interest. For fixed-interest loans, you will generally have a longer notice period than for variable rate contracts.

Particularly often the debt rescheduling loan for the replacement of a disposition credit is used. An out-of-date loan is often a provision that the bank makes available to solvent customers.

However, the interest charge on a discretionary loan is the highest for the borrower, which is why the inclusion of a low-interest debt rescheduling loan can save a lot of money. In contrast to a installment loan, the overdraft can also be terminated at any time.

Also building loans or construction loans can be rescheduled. However, such a loan is usually concluded for a fixed term with a so-called fixed interest period.

Dismissal for the replacement of the existing construction loan is usually only possible if you are demonstrably interested in utilizing the building or the property in a different way.

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