PTW announces a number of promotions

PTW has announced a number of promotions for 2021, which recognize the excellence, commitment and potential of key personnel.

The company states that “the staff have all continued to contribute to PTW’s culture of innovation and excellence, and the project achievements and team commitment are greatly appreciated during this time which has been a very difficult time for our industry ”.

Please find promotions below.

Congratulations to the following members of the PTW Sydney team for their recent promotions (left to right from top): Adele Troeger (Director of Operations), Michael Yip and George Chen (Associate Directors).

ptw promotions

(Left to right from top) Lilian Gu, Jacob Laird, Megumi Sakaguchi and Shilpa Shetye (Senior Associates).

2WD promotions

(Left to right): Jacqueline Hall, Lewis Pang and Simone De Gradi have all been promoted to Senior Associate.

PTW Promotions

The following PTW staff members have been promoted to the following roles. (Left to right from top) Andrew Fielding (Senior Architect), Ann Yang (Architect), Sophie Pilati (Interior Designer), David Wang (Senior Project Professional), Jessie Yang (Senior Project Professional), Lin Qian (Senior Project Professional), Minh Hoang Nguyen (Senior Project Professional), Vincent Ton (Senior Project Professional), Winnie Sheung (Senior Project Professional), Petre Petrovski (Project Professional – Model Manager), Charles Nguyen (Project professional and 3D artist), James Kim (Technician – Model Manager) and Emily Mataroria (Technician – Model Manager).

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