Plans revealed for the house on the site of the former Rheda mansion

DETAILED plans have been revealed for a house on the site of a former mansion.

Copeland Council has received a second, more detailed planning application for the construction of a two-storey dwelling on land in Rheda Park.

The dwelling will join Rheda Cross, a large bungalow on the former site of the demolished Rheda Mansion.

Outlining the plans in the Reserved Materials Planning Request, PFK Planning and Development said, “The design of the home took into account the surrounding development pattern, the orientation of existing properties and the landscaping features of the property. origin of the old Rheda mansion.

“This site is well contained by an existing mature screen and retaining the main features of the boundaries as well as the open space will serve to mitigate any visual impact.

“The existing fence will be kept, which will help integrate the new home into its surroundings and preserve the character of the neighborhood.

On behalf of the claimant, Dr McKay, they said the plan was in line with local and national planning policy.

“The proposed site would provide a logical and appropriate ‘infill’ site along the main walkway of Rheda Park.

“The proposed development will carefully examine the built form of Rheda Park and will be of a high quality design that reflects the existing development model.”

The public can view and comment on all applications submitted to council for approval. Supporting or objection comments will be considered by the planning committee when deciding whether to green light the plans.

To view the planning applications submitted to Copeland Borough Council for approval, visit:

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