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Technology is essential for efficient and painless collaboration in the workplace. But how many times have you said (or heard another part say) “Can you hear me? in a meeting based on a technology platform? AV and IT technologists continue to recognize the trend toward microphone technology with intuitive, yet simplified functionality. In addition, reliable audio capture, ease of implementation in all types of spaces, design aesthetics, compatibility with existing platforms and scalability are also expected by integrators and end users.

Shure Senior Specialist, Market Development, Southeast Asia, Vick Teoh showcases Shure’s latest AV conferencing technology at the launch of the MXA920 at Audiophile’s Experience Center, Brgy. Marikina City, Diego Silang, Metro Manila

Shure, the audio products company based in Niles, Illinois, USA, addressed the need of AV integrators and end users for intuitive and simplified functionality, and recently launched its architecture matrix technology new generation with its Ceiling MXA920 matrix microphone. “The new microphone provides preconfigured audio capture, with minimal configuration required, thanks to its proprietary ‘automatic coverage’ technology, dramatically reducing the time and cost of deployments for integrators,” said Tia de Guzman, Communications Manager marketing at Audiophile Components, local distributor of Shure.

“This model’s next-generation array architecture improves directional pickup, for more natural speech,” added De Guzman. “Simply put, this means you can only capture the meeting participants you want to capture, while avoiding the areas you want to exclude. The system sends the precise location of each speaker to your camera control system for more accurate camera tracking. Plus, the built-in Digital Signal Processor (DSP) provides noise- and echo-free performance. The microphone’s new DSP algorithms enable the output of more natural speech so participants are heard clearly and accurately.

The executive further explained that the product is certified for use with Microsoft Teams when used with the audio company’s networked speakers and DSP. “The end result is, consistently, total audio clarity and intelligibility for AV conferencing in all room types and challenging acoustic spaces – hybrid boardrooms, hybrid higher education classrooms and hybrid corporate and government meeting spaces,” the company’s press release reads.

“Two hardware form factors, square and round, support design integration into most facilities and meeting spaces,” De Guzman said, noting that “today, AV conferencing customers need next-generation solutions that capture voice naturally, blending into the aesthetics of a room, and making it easy for participants to connect, wherever they are.With our new networked audio capture technology , audio professionals here [in the Philippines] can facilitate deployment and better adapt to demanding applications such as camera tracking, voice elevation and sound reinforcement. »



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