Munsters house looks ready to move in as Rob Zombie continues to build the set

The new 1313 Mockingbird Lane appears to be ready for the Munster family in Rob Zombie’s latest The Munsters set videos. Zombie, a superfan of the original TV series, is currently working on a reboot that will reinvent the beloved monster family in a brand new movie. Online, he has regularly updated his fans on the progress of the film, revealing part of the construction of the houses he is building last week.

In a new post on Instagram, Rob zombie released a new set of images, and it’s amazing how far we’ve come along 1313 Mockingbird Lane in just one week. As it stands, the house looks almost ready to go, looking a lot like the house the Munsters lived in in the original show. In the caption, Zombie writes: “What a difference 7 days can make!

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Indeed, it’s pretty crazy to look at the production process from the beginning until now. On August 20, Rob Zombie released the first image of the construction of the Munsters’ house. It’s been a little over a month since, and now the house looks amazing. Meanwhile, Zombie has also had all of the neighboring houses built on Mockingbird Lane, and the rapid construction of the entire neighborhood looks like filming should start very soon.

It has been reported that The Munsters will shoot in Budapest, but it’s unclear when the cameras will start rolling. Before that, we would expect Rob Zombie to officially confirm some cast members. There are of course rumors of names attached to the film, but Zombie has neither confirmed nor denied any of these reports. The alleged cast includes Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily and Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman. Jorge Garcia, Richard Brake, Dan Roebuck, Sylvester McCoy and Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson are also reportedly involved.

There is a lot of excitement from the fans happy to see The Munsters new life on the big screen. Even so, some wonder how far this will stray from the family tone of the original series with a horror filmmaker like Rob Zombie at the helm. Zombie is known to have written and directed particularly violent horror films, and there has been speculation about his Munsters will be an R-rated reinvention.

As with the cast, Zombie didn’t say exactly what he had in mind for the tone of The Munsters. However, he has made it clear that he is a huge fan of the original series, recently calling it “the greatest series of all time.” Like a life Munsters fan, he’s perhaps more inclined to develop a film more faithful to the source material, dipping into something a little more light and comedic, but still retaining that gothic horror vibe.

There is no release date set for The Munsters to restart. The plan would be to release the film in theaters and on Peacock with a date and date release. We’ll have to stay tuned for more updates from the set courtesy of Rob Zombie.

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