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From left to right: Matthew Tippette, Assistant Store Manager at Orangeburg Lowe’s; Mark Edwards, deputy store manager; Steven Corbin, class of 2018; Eric Stroman, store manager; Eric North, class of 2007; instructor Tracey Scoville; Shamera Robinson, Class of 2018; John Brooks, Regional Vice President; Jermaine Holman, class of 2019; Joe Justice; district chief; Sergio Oliveria, deputy store manager; and Chris Gentry, director of district merchandising; In addition, former students employed by Lowe’s not shown are Fabian Brooks, Class of 2001; and Joey Williams, Class of 2007.


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The Technology Center’s National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) building construction program and instructor Tracey Scoville were celebrated by Lowe’s for their partnership in preparing students to thrive in future opportunities for use.

A nationally certified NCCER instructor, Scoville has worked for the Orangeburg County School District since 1990 and has taught the NCCER Building Construction course at the Technology Center since 2001. Scoville works hard to nurture relationships with businesses to engage students in opportunities that promote college and career. preperation.

“It means the world to me to see my students, OCSD and our programs in such a big light,” said Scoville. “This photoshoot was an honor and helped us demonstrate to the public and the community the importance of the relationships we cultivate.

The NCCER was developed with the support of over 125 construction CEOs, various professional associations and academic leaders who have come together to revolutionize training for the construction industry. Students enrolled in the Technology Center course earn national NCCER CORE certification and earn their OSHA 10 card in construction, an often required curriculum and certification demonstrating a worker’s skills in new construction, modifications, or repairs.

NCCER CORE is designed as a rigorous, competency-based, industry-recognized program for vocational and technical training. Its nine modules cover topics such as basic safety, introduction to construction mathematics, introduction to hand tools, introduction to power tools, construction drawings, basic rigging, building skills. basic communication skills, basic employability skills and introduction to materials handling.

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