Interest borrowing December 2017

What is the current interest rate on loans in December 2017? We will inform you about this on this page. In order to find out the current loan interest on consumer loans and loans, we searched for the ‘Gerboris interest rate’ for the month of December.

This is the interest rate at which a number of prominent banks in Europe grant loans (in euros). The Gerboris interest rates are decisive for the interest rates on banking products in the Netherlands. As soon as the Gerboris interest rate rises, interest rates on loans and mortgages increase over time. The same, of course, applies the same.

The interest on which European banks lend each other money is (until now) in the month of December  fell by -0.188%. Good news for consumers who want to take out a mortgage or loan in this month. In any case, the interest does not rise. So you can still borrow cheap money at the lowest interest rate . Over the month, the Gerboris rates were at about the same level. Over the entire year, interest rates have fallen by – 0.12%.

Does the interest rate rise after December 2017? Are you more expensive for a loan in 2018?

Does the interest rate rise after December 2017? Are you more expensive for a loan in 2018?

The prognosis for the coming years is still unclear. The mortgage interest expectation for 2018 will be delayed. The interest depends on the ECB’s buying program. The ECB has recently announced that it will stop the buy-out program for expensive loans by the end of 2017. There is a chance that the lending rates will rise slightly. But we can not say this with certainty. Much also depends on economic growth in Europe. Now that the interest rate expectation is not yet clear by 2018, it goes without saying that people do not dare to make any statements before 2019. For that, economic growth is still too unstable and uncertain.

For the time being, the banks assume that the interest on long-term mortgages will rise for the coming year. Currently this interest rate is on average 1.65%. The short-term mortgage interest rate will remain the same in 2018. This is currently at 1.1%. The same prognoses apply to consumer credit. See also: interest on revolving credit and personal loan 2017 .

Although higher interest rates apply to these loans.

Although higher interest rates apply to these loans.

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