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iTnews recently hosted a webinar with Aquion, the ANZ senior distributor of global enterprise architecture solutions provider BiZZdesign, and UniSuper, to discuss how the pension provider is leveraging the platform of enterprise and enterprise architecture of BiZZdesign to accelerate and streamline its digital transformation.

The panel included Aquion’s BiZZDesign Practice Leader Tim Steele and UniSuper’s Head of Architecture Andrew Sanders, Commercial Architect Graham Hoggan and Commercial Design Director Toni Ireland Hay.

Digital transformation has been a defining theme over the past two years as businesses around the world have been forced to grapple with the disruption of Covid-19 and the changes it has brought to their workforce. Many companies have revamped their business models to stay afloat, and a very large part of that has involved a rapid transformation of their outdated and inefficient corporate IT architectures.

Aquion partnered with BiZZdesign five years ago with a mission to help organizations leverage the Dutch solutions provider’s platform to execute their digital strategies.

“Our goal is to help complex organizations thrive through the structural change required for rapid and successful IT transformation across the enterprise,” says Tim Steele. business silos through better enterprise-wide visualization. Many companies have multiple tools, but their lack of integration seriously affects their agility. “

For almost forty years, UniSuper has been the super fund for the higher education and research sectors. Earlier this year it became a public offering fund and is now open to all Australians. The fund has 500,000 members and more than $ 105 billion in WUF, including $ 13 billion in thematic environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies.

BiZZdesign provides a holistic solution

The fund, which has won a series of awards over the years including the SuperRatings Fund of the Year 2022, has been on a solid growth path for some time, but the move to an open-ended fund has required an overhaul. Informatique infrastructure. This involved a comprehensive review of existing systems to determine what was needed to align IT capabilities with the fund’s business strategy in order to achieve better results for clients.

“We were already in the midst of our digital transformation thanks to the big changes in the higher education sector through Covid-19 and the accompanying changes in super industry and government legislation. However, opening UniSuper to the public meant we needed a new level of agility to increase our scale. BiZZdesign offered a holistic business solution with the ability to identify opportunities to simplify processes and reduce waste, ”said Toni Ireland Hay. “This meant removing silos for more transparency and visualization so that we could clearly see the effects of the changes we were implementing. “

BiZZdesign provided all the answers in one solution, according to Graham Hoggan of UniSuper. “Capacity-based planning requires a holistic approach to the organization, and our IT infrastructure is integral to UniSuper’s business strategies. “

Andrew Sanders, Head of Architecture at UniSuper, said the fund is looking for a single tool to support all business process management and they also want a single repository for all of its areas – business, data, application, technology and security to perform the analysis. “We went through a full RFP process and were impressed with BiZZdesign’s platform, its easy to use interface, SaaS platform and intuitive interface for business users,” said Andrew Sanders. .

“BiZZdesign has also helped accelerate the deployment by providing training and modeling services, while the development of a metamodel has helped to establish links and relationships between domains, hence from an architectural point of view. company, he ticked all the boxes. “

From a business perspective, it was also essential to engage with the frontline business units. “The visualization tools allow us to model the business processes of our users, while the workflow system and front-end allow business units to easily upload content while we manage it,” says Toni Ireland Hay.

Additionally, BiZZdesign’s solution has tools that map and maintain the criticality and sensitivity of data, which, with the accelerated pace of industry change and increased security threats, have become more important than ever, adds Graham Hoggan. .

“BiZZdesign has also provided us with a platform that accelerates the integration of business process management so that we can monitor, control, refine and improve our business and respond more quickly to challenges and opportunities. Bridging the divide between business and IT has opened up a new, integrated set of capabilities that have a common language and business context. This, in turn, allowed us to move on to physical processes to perform the most important daily functions. ”

BiZZdesign’s mapping feature also enables organizations to better understand knowledge gaps in business processes, with all information stored in a single central repository. “BiZZdesign supports traceability and linking, including data stored on applications, while ensuring that it is kept in compliance,” says Andrew Sanders.

The company must adapt quickly and evolve

The ability to make the best, informed business and technology decisions has never been more critical in the post-Covid environment. A recent report on the State of BiZZdesign’s Enterprise Architecture found that out of 250 IT professionals surveyed, 13% of their companies were struggling to survive, 43% had survived but further adaptation was essential, and a third did not have the tools they needed.

“Companies must adapt to change by being flexible. We can’t transform the business if we don’t have the tools and information to make informed decisions. The BiZZdesign tool allowed us to accelerate our initiatives, ”says Toni Ireland Hay.

From a technological standpoint, BiZZdesign’s solution has dramatically improved all aspects of UniSuper’s operations, adds Andrew Sanders. “Eighteen months ago, we did not have a single tool suitable for use. We used Visio and PowerPoint and a range of other applications stored in different places. This meant that we couldn’t properly analyze data within a domain, let alone between domains. This tool has given us the power to build collaboration in areas from which we can derive great future value. “

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