Hospitality and entertainment want their own certainty after Prime Minister’s ‘insurance’ reopens to construction industry

Restaurant and Catering Australia managing director Wes Lambert said the confidence given to the construction industry was a good sign, but hospitality companies needed the same confidence.

“What is good for construction is certainly good for other sectors as well,” he said.

“Sectors like hospitality, hospitality and events need certainty on the rules to follow, with sufficient notice to order inventory and lift staff. It can’t just be an announcement and a press release the day before.

Construction industry pushed government to allow limited number of workers back on sites before the shutdown ends to limit the $ 1.4 billion hit each week by the NSW economy and stop job losses.

At the height of Victoria’s extended shutdown last year, large construction sites were allowed a maximum of 25% of on-site staff while small-scale construction was limited to a maximum of five people.

However, Ms. Berejiklian said “put a percentage [of workers] causes more confusion for people ”.

Health chief Kerry Chant said her “strong advice to government” was to shut down as many workplaces and settings as possible to bring NSW into the most difficult lockdown arrangements.

“Obviously, that involves construction… the principle of the council is clearly to close non-essential workplaces because it allows people to stop mixing. “

NSW Health Director Dr Kerry Chant said state contact tracers are not overwhelmed by the number of COVID-19 cases.Credit:Janie Barrett

On Tuesday, the PM was also pressed on whether she could give a similar reopening pledge to schools, but said she would wait for health advice.

“Obviously our priorities are to get the construction industry back on its feet as quickly as possible, but obviously with schools, face-to-face learning is great for students and it’s also great for students. parents, ”Ms. Berejiklian said.

She said if the boards of health allowed students to return to school on August 2, “we will.”

NSW Teachers Federation President Angelo Gavrielatos said teachers hope to meet with senior officials in the coming days to discuss how schools might operate when students eventually return.

Live Performance Australia Managing Director Evelyn Richardson has warned that the potential for gradual lockdowns heading into Christmas could be terminal for many major productions, which require a long delay before returning to the stage.

“We have raised this with the government, that we need to know the reactivation plan; when does performance come back? Is it a 50% audience capacity? “

Ms Richardson said the live performance industry was losing about $ 1 billion every six months as lockdowns persisted, hampering the survival of large productions that were costing between $ 500,000 and $ 1 million a week to operate.

“We have been asking for a business interruption insurance fund since last year because music promoters and theater producers cannot keep reopening to lose money,” she said. .

“If NSW is going to be in an extended lockdown until the end of August, which is possible, it would be good to know soon at some point soon. “

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