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There’s a new van in town! The driver is Kate Stone, a licensed and certified professional groomer and owner of Kate’s K-9 Grooming, LLC. His mobile business is based in Mead but serves customers in Burgdorf.

Photo of Sue Arnott – Kate Stone alongside her dog grooming van.

Stone began his craft working for a national pet store. The store sent her to a dog grooming academy in Castle Rock where she earned a certificate and later ran the store’s grooming salon. After 15 years perfecting her craft, she decided to start her own business. It was early 2020. She found a fixed location in the future downtown Mead which was under construction. Soon after, her husband lost his job in the pandemic. Construction delays have affected downtown development. Uncertainty rarely puts food on the table, so Stone took a more definite route. “I decided to do a mobile business. I knew the Covid market could support it. I thought it was now or never. She was right.

She purchased a used, fully equipped dog grooming van with heating, cooling, insulation and a hydraulic lift for safe floor-to-bathroom transfers and Kate’s K-9 Grooming LLC was off! Her first stop was a pet event where she gave free “peticures” and found her first customers. Word of mouth has done such a great job of advertising that she now has a waiting list.

“I never say that I don’t take on new clients,” she hastened to say. “Last month alone, four of my clients left the region. Things can change quickly in this business. When they do, I go to my waitlist and work from there first.

A lifelong dog lover and active with Mile High Canine Rescue, Stone loves what she does. As anyone who works with animals knows, they can be unpredictable. Some dogs may exhibit behavioral issues. They may not like shampoo. They can break if pushed beyond their comfort level. Peter understands. She takes her time. “Animals need patience. They need understanding. Dogs don’t act out of spite,” she explains. “They act out of fear.” But she doesn’t.

“I’m one of the few in the area that does big races,” Stone said. “There’s no breed I won’t take.” She shares stories from Troutman, a 200-pound mastiff who recently died and broke her heart to a pint-sized Yorkshire terrier who pinched her – the only time she was bitten – and the made me smile. “Some dogs need extra cuddles or treats. If they show the slightest bit of fear, I slow down. The calm, gentle treatment and ease of a home visit makes this a less stressful grooming event for dogs and their families. owners.

Stone once specialized in Bedlington terriers – those lamb-like puppies – but many of her current clients have doodles. “Doodles need daily brushing. I see a lot of tangled doodles. Even though they shed less, they still have a lot of hair. For those who lose more… Labs, are you listening?… Stone offers lossless processing as well as other services. The length of a home visit depends on size and breed. Small dogs usually take an hour, large dogs can take up to three. A complete list of services, prices and policies can be found on its website.

To learn more about Kate’s K-9 Grooming LLC and to claim a spot on her waitlist, go to https://www.katesk9grooming.com/

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