High performance fire protection for structural steel

Glasroc F is a paperless plasterboard from CSR Gyprock offering high performance fire protection for structural steel columns and beams in constructions. Reinforced with fiberglass and offering up to 120 minutes of fire protection, Glasroc F is installed in a single layer without joints and without framing.

Delivered in partnership with global plasterboard specialist Saint-Gobain and part of Gyprock’s International Alliance programme, Glasroc F meets the needs of the Australian building industry.

Designed for firestop applications in multi-residential and commercial building projects, Gyprock Glasroc F is a heavy-duty 30mm thick paperless gypsum board with square edges. Featuring fiberglass fabric immediately below the surface on both sides, the panel has a core reinforced with fiberglass rovings and pulp.

The gypsum content of the panel comprises approximately 21% water or chemically combined crystallization and approximately 79% calcium sulphate. When Glasroc F is exposed to fire, the chemically combined water is gradually released as water vapour. This is the calcination process, which begins at the surface exposed to the fire and continues gradually through the thickness of the panel. The process becomes progressively slower as the thickness of the charred material increases – this also means that the unexposed side of the panel does not exceed 100 degrees Celsius for an extended period.

Once the gypsum layer is completely calcined, the calcium sulphate continues to act as an insulating layer as long as it remains intact. Structural steel columns and beams coated with Glasroc F are protected against fire damage through the calcination process.

Glasroc F minimizes the space used thanks to its frameless system. It also offers building program flexibility as Glasroc F’s inherent moisture resistance means that installation can begin before the building envelope is weathertight.

Glasroc F is installed in a single layer, offering architects, specifiers and designers a simple and effective solution for achieving fire rating compliance of columns and beams – compared to traditional systems, which sometimes require up to three layers of panels.

Available in 1200mm x 2000mm panels, Glasroc F is screwed to itself without the need for additional framing, adhesive, fillers or gaskets, further reducing installation time. Glasroc F is also easy to inspect for continuity, providing greater peace of mind both immediately after installation and during maintenance inspections.

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