Habitat for Humanity builds new home for single Chesapeake mom

Habitat for Humanity organizers said it had a busy year. As the demand for affordable housing increases, so does the number of people applying for housing.

CHESAPEAKE, Virginia – Hampton Roads Habitat for Humanity has another house under construction. In Chesapeake, a team of volunteers spent the morning wrapping up construction of a new home for a family of three.

Habitat for Humanity volunteer coordinator Alissa Wilson said crews began renovating the house in June, cleaning it up and transforming it into something brand new.

“When we first got the house, it was only infested with mold on the inside,” she said.

In the city’s Deep Creek South neighborhood, Habitat for Humanity construction crews worked alongside a team of A1 Sewer and drain for the great construction effort.

“Surface, paint, build a fence. Helping the community,” said Ryan Bernard, General Manager of A1 Sewer & Drain. “The housing market, you know, prices are skyrocketing, so not everyone can afford to buy a house at a reasonable price.

We’re all paying more in rent and mortgages, and the need for affordable housing means greater demand at Habitat for Humanity, Wilson said.

“Over the past two years we have seen more applicants as the need for housing has increased,” she said.

This last house is for Kimberly Waters. She works alongside construction crews to help build her dream home.

“Homeownership is very important to me. It’s an investment,” Waters said. “I’ve rented all my life.”

Waters is a single mother of two and said she struggled to find affordable housing.

“It was very stressful. Very stressful. Some days you wanted to give up,” Waters said. “I was looking online, driving around looking, newspapers… whatever I could find, that’s where I was looking.”

These houses are never given away for free. Habitat for Humanity representatives work with families toward home ownership. Homeowners must help build their homes and pay a mortgage each month, which Wilson says is typically less than $1,000.

“People need housing. With the way the market is going up, some people find it hard to afford even a one-bedroom apartment,” Wilson said. “The more affordable homes we can build, the more families we can accommodate and the less they have to worry about.

The closing date for Waters’ house is October 20.

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