Frisco no longer runs north Texas with a building permit

Frisco is no longer North Texas’ most popular new housing market, but despite construction challenges, housing construction is burning 15 miles to the north.

Dallas – According to a building permit survey to date, the town of Serena has overtaken longtime leader Frisco as the most popular new housing market in North Texas.

Serena has issued 1,352 housing permits to the 1,283 in Frisco as of May 31 of this year.

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That is compared to 629 allowed Serena and 963 allowed Frisco in the first five months of 2020, but it’s difficult for builders and buyers to understand the impact of COVID-19. Please note that construction of housing was delayed at the beginning of last year. Pandemic. Later that year, homebuilders in the northern Dallas Fort Worth suburbs experienced pandemic demand and a sales boom.

Frisco led a new home building permit in North Texas in 2020, with a relatively much smaller Serena nearby. The builder of Frisco issued 2,445 residence permits to 1,862 in Serena last year.

Frisco has a population of around 210,000, while Serena has a population of around 30,000.

Serena’s housing permits increased by 50% overall last year, and the pace this year is even higher, Mayor Jason Rommer said. So far, they have increased 115% year over year.

Serena has a 30-year plan for how city leaders want their communities to grow and a vision for developers to deliver better communities faster than other cities in North Texas. Rommer said.

“I think we will be the fastest growing city in America,” he said. “Looking at Frisco, according to the census he was number one from 2010 to 2020. I think all of that growth is on the way.”

In May, Serena issued 349 home building permits, leading all Dallas / Fort Worth suburbs. According to Addison-based Tomlin Investments, McKinney received 205 permits in May and 848 permits since the start of the year. Tomlin Investments tracks the construction of DFW’s fastest growing suburban and suburban new homes.

Princeton, Little Elm and Prosper are also on fire, with 676 single-family home permits and 577 and 564 permits so far this year, respectively. Princeton is up 97% from 343 permits granted in the first five months of 2020, Little Elm is up 60% from 360 permits granted in the same period last year and Prosper was issued to during the first five months. It has increased by 45% from 390. In 2020.

Frisco no longer runs north Texas with a building permit

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