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A majority of Los Angeles County voters support two new state laws designed to boost home construction, including one that significantly changes traditional zoning for single-family homes, according to a new poll.

The poll, conducted by the Los Angeles Business Council Institute and conducted in cooperation with the Los Angeles Times, provides one of the first tests of public reaction to the new laws, which could bring about a radical change in California’s development landscape. .

The laws, Senate Bills 9 and 10, come into force on January 1.

They were the culmination of a years-long debate in Sacramento over local zoning restrictions that can slow housing production. The fight sparked stiff opposition among homeowner groups, particularly in Los Angeles, where opponents said the proposals threatened to destroy single-family neighborhoods.

So far, the poll says, a majority of voters have not taken this disastrous view.

Across the county, 55% of voters support Senate Bill 9, which allows homeowners to build duplexes, and in some cases quadruple, in most single-family home neighborhoods across the state. In contrast, 27% were against the law while 18% were undecided.

Senate Bill 10, which enables local city councils to speed up the construction of apartment complexes of up to 10 units near transit centers and infill urban areas, including single-family home areas, is receiving increased support. He has the support of 68% of voters in the county with 13% against and 19% undecided.

The poll showed a clear difference between landlords and renters, especially on SB 9. Tenants backed the law by more than 3 to 1, while landlords were narrowly divided, according to the poll.

Almost two-thirds of all residences in the state are single-family homes and up to three-quarters of developable land in the state is now zoned only for single-family dwellings, according to a survey by the Terner Center for UC Berkeley. Housing innovation.

Bungalows and backyards have also long been seen as the key to the “California dream” of modest middle-class living.

But these homes continue to become less and less affordable. The median sale price of an existing single-family home statewide was $ 798,440 in October, according to the California Assn. real estate agents, an increase of more than 12% compared to last year. In LA County, the median selling price of $ 848,970 was almost 14% higher than last year.

Advocates of the new laws argue they can help keep prices down by spurring new construction in areas off limits to new growth.

“The housing affordability crisis is undermining the California dream of families across the state and threatening our long-term growth and prosperity,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said when signing the laws in September.

“Having a significant impact on this crisis will require bold investments, close collaboration… and the political courage of our leaders and our communities to do the right thing and build homes for all. “

Renter support for SB 9 likely stems from hopes the law will make homeownership easier, said Mark DiCamillo, director of polls at UC Berkeley’s Institute for Government Studies, who acted in as a consultant for The Times on the new poll.

“I think a lot of renters are trying to break into the homeownership business,” said DiCamillo. “They see this as a potential way to expand the supply and get smaller units to enter the market.”

DiCamillo said he was surprised even a plurality of homeowners supported the new law, given its potential to disrupt single-family home neighborhoods.

The results, including among homeowners, he said, “must be encouraging for supporters of the new law.”

Construction materials are delivered to a housing construction site in Koreatown on October 8, 2020.

(Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times)

Among LA County Democrats, 59% were in favor of SB 9, according to the poll. Republicans were closely divided, with opponents slightly outnumbering supporters, making them the only significant demographic against the law, according to the poll.

In the legislative debate, however, disputes over the new law were not clearly partisan.

Los Angeles City Council, where 14 of 15 representatives are Democrats, overwhelmingly opposed both laws, with West LA City Councilor Paul Koretz, a Democrat, saying they would “kill communities and the environment “. Some advocates in southern LA have opposed the new laws on the grounds that they would promote gentrification.

Some Republicans in the state legislature favored the two laws, arguing that they broadened property rights for homeowners.

Already, some cities in the state are planning policies to mitigate the effects of SB 9. Some, for example, would limit the size and height of new developments, impose parking spaces, and require additional housing units to be rented only. to those with moderate or low income.

Legal challenges to such measures are likely.

It is also possible that the new laws will not make a dramatic difference.

The laws do not prohibit the construction of new single family homes. SB 9 allows homeowners to build duplexes – or quads – on their land if they choose, but doesn’t require anyone to do so. Any change initiated by SB 10 requires approval from city council first.

Plus, other zoning changes in recent years have already made it much easier for homeowners to build smaller second homes – known as grandma apartments, casitas, or secondary suites – on plots zoned for single-family homes.

The poll was conducted between October 27 and November 3 among 906 registered voters in LA County. The sample was split for questions on SB 9 and SB 10, with about half of the voters polled on each bill. The margin of error for these results is 4.5 percentage points in both directions.

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Adoption of technology makes construction industry top target of cyber attacks Wed, 01 Dec 2021 19:28:09 +0000

Dive brief:

  • Construction is the # 1 industry affected by ransomware, according to an analysis of 1,200 companies in 35 different industries by NordLocker, an encryption software company based in the UK and the Netherlands. Ransomware is a computer virus that supports target device until the victim pays a fee to regain access, usually through cryptocurrencies.
  • Victims of construction ransomware attacks ranged from a group of Asian-based construction engineering companies consulting on projects estimated to be worth $ 20 billion a year to small family businesses, like a roofing company in Texas, according to the report.
  • Industry experts have said construction companies are most vulnerable to loss of funds due to email communications, malware, ransomware and, more recently, “siegeware,” which specifically targets building technology. intelligent.

Dive overview:

The construction industry is an increasingly attractive target for hackers. Recent examples include Bouygues Construction, a French entrepreneur, victim of a ransomware attack in 2020. This same gang of hackers, Maze, hit a canadian building contractor before his attack on Bouygues.

While large companies generate more revenue to attract hackers, small businesses in the construction industry remain equally attractive targets for hackers, according to the NordLocker report.

This is because these small businesses generally don’t have the same cybersecurity controls in place as large businesses, making them easier targets for ransomware attacks, according to Oliver Noble, cybersecurity expert at NordLocker.

Bobbi Bookstaver, director of information security at Boston-based Shawmut Design and Construction, said construction companies need to have a plan in place before they become the next target.

As part of its cybersecurity strategy, Shawmut conducts extensive training with every employee when they are hired, throughout the year, and again if they click on a phishing simulation to ensure they understand how. identify a suspicious email and what to do about it, Bookstaver said. .

“Without a single solution to prevent an attack, the defense strategy would have to combine technology with a robust communications campaign to raise awareness and educate and provide the tools to act quickly in the event of an attack,” Bookstaver said. “Proactive preparation and a detailed cybersecurity strategy based on cutting-edge technology, best practices and rigorous training programs create a cutting-edge defense strategy. “

Hazardous installations

As more buildings incorporate technology, they also become targets, said Katell Thielemann, vice president of research at Gartner, a technology research and consultancy firm based in Stamford, Connecticut.

“It is very likely that we will see the emergence of siege software as a result of the current ransomware outbreak,” said Thielemann. “Indeed, as soon as buildings are connected, they become cyber-physical systems. And construction companies and building owners now face a whole continuum of cyber and physical risks and threats. “

In other words, cybercriminals are now mixing the concept of ransomware with the hijacking of building automation systems. Video cameras widely used in buildings are “notoriously among the most vulnerable systems,” Thielemann said.

“IoT devices – asset tracking, workplace security, machine control, wearable devices, etc. , a California-based IoT security provider. “Special attention should be paid to surveillance devices, such as IP cameras, as cybercriminals can use these devices for reconnaissance operations to observe behavior, examine material and plan attacks.”

Other emerging threats are also on the horizon. This includes thinking about how construction sites can prevent unmanned drones from exfiltrating data or interfering with work on site. If these devices are connected to GPS, entrepreneurs should think about how they can prevent jamming or identity theft, Thielemann said.

“Often, executives in asset-centric industries see cyber risk as something that only tech-centric or e-commerce-centric companies should worry about,” Thielemann said. “But they should take a step back and think about how their business would operate without connectivity. All of those assets are now cyber-physical systems and they’re at the heart of everything they do.”

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Find out which payday loan providers are the best in Tallahassee, FL. Wed, 01 Dec 2021 19:18:36 +0000 Find out which payday loan providers are the best in Tallahassee, FL.

  • the trio missing following these difficulties, partly promoted by Ubers instant payroll, brings this launch
  • Finance financial loans with ssi debit financing. Can You Get The Money Payday You Find Out Are An SSI Debit Company?
  • Fast loans online. Can customers use between 300 and 600?
  • Not making hours of borrowing products for dismal credit. Dedicate a daytime online resource with no credit score
  • Spend less with your debit or Mastercard information

In a financial emergency, payday loans are a lifeline, you must understand the terms, circumstances and APRs before proceeding. We have explored from afar most of the good use payday loans in Tallahassee that will help you make the ideal decision.

Are you currently looking for crisis funds? Look into the money for the loan provider that is immediate and look for concluding earnings if you like quick income. At Cash for Cash, we offer online payday loans, in-store debt, and in-store payday loans. With a large number of easily positioned locations in your area, it is possible to understand that identifying payday loans once you visit, always check in income, all of our expert teams will highlight to choose the best solution for you. Call or visit the United States to learn more about our own solutions today! Or check out the page to the left to start the job today!

Payday financing is unavailable and illegal for clients in some claims. Payday loans regularly have very high interest rates and come with risk. Like any loan, people should have some familiarity with the costs, the fine print of any payday loan financing.

How To Get Payday Financing That Will Tallahassee

Payday advances were light financing for people who needed to protect problem bills in the midst of periods of coverage. While other types of short term loans are not an option, an instant payday loan can certainly help protect expenses at the same time.

Payday loans were okay in Florida, but the best way to borrow is $ 500 and just one financing could be analyzed further down. The mortgage payment label can span 7 to 31 circumstances because the optimal financing and fees are not allowed to exceed 10 percent per check. an additional check cannot reach or exceed $ 5. No overturns are permitted in Florida. Menstruation Beauty can develop mortgage terms and conditions within 60 years at no additional cost; however, credit counseling is required because of this solution.

As you review the progress of Payday in Tallahassee, keep an eye out for the following:

  • Interest: Understand what you’ll end up paying in interest when you take out an instant payday loan, and start considering low-interest financing options first.
  • Payment Due Date: Late expenses add up easily and could improve your interest rate, so be sure to know when payment is coming due to the effects of a late or missed repayment.
  • Amount Loaned: Since Florida customers take a maximum of $ 500, you may need to withdraw other types of financing.

    You can find a credit advance with good or less than perfect credit, but still want to value your personal data whenever you want. This may include government issued ID, latest proof of work and wages, and a blank check.

    Since payday advances tend to be economical, these include civil matters, which likely means that failure to try to repay the loan is unlikely to result in illegal lawsuits; however, you will be billed from the lender. In Florida, the Limits Law tries five years for current credit, which means lenders might better try to sue you for those years. What can really hurt you is your credit rating and your future financing abilities. If a lender breaks Florida payday loan laws, you can complain to the Florida Investment Rules Workplace, located on Gaines Street.

    Alternatives to paying off loans on time in Tallahassee

    Specific fund professionals recommend that people avoid a crisis account of about six months of spending in order to avoid the need to use credit cards or payday loans to cover problems. You can even apply for funds from relatives and friends before trying this financing, as most consumers face financing cost terms.

    The main advantage of an unsecured guarantor loan is that you don’t need to be determined by your relatives and friends and the resources are generally available. You get the money right away or in-house for a day or two, preventing tools from being turned off or making it possible to bring a car back faster. The quick disbursement of funds is one of the main advantages of using payday loan.

    Payday Loan Studies

    CashNet United States

    net personal loan expenditure

    CashNetUSA is trying an online loan provider that offers fast and efficient payday progression of around $ 500. Various other CashNetUSA assistance supplies include discount programs and economic education programs. The people of Tallahassee appreciated the reasonable interest rates and efficient services.

    Think about cash

    Inspect the results of financial loans and payday loans. Salary improvements can tend to be between $ 50 and $ 1,000; but Florida residents can only withdraw $ 500. Tallahassee reviews indicate they appreciate the flexibility of having financing online or in-store.

    ConsumerAffairs is certainly not an institution of the federal authorities at the national level. The organizations exposed can pass All of us are Authorized or whenever you click on a website link, name number or complete a questionnaire on our entire web page. The content can be used for the common detail needs simply. It is extremely important to do all of your own testing before spending money based on your exclusive personal situation and to look with your own financial, economic, tax, and appropriate advisers.

    Copyright 2021 Customers Unified LLC. All freedoms reserved. The content of this website may never be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission.

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    Global Automotive Turbocharger Industry Expected Wed, 01 Dec 2021 11:33:39 +0000

    Dublin, December 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The “Automotive Turbocharger Market by Technology (VGT, Wastegate, Electric), Material (Cast Iron, Aluminum), Fuel Type, Application (Agriculture, Construction), Vehicle (Passenger Car) , LCV, Truck & Bus), Aftermarket and Region – Global Forecast to 2026 “has been added to offer.

    The automotive turbochargers market is expected to reach USD 19.2 billion by 2026, from USD 11.8 billion in 2021, at a CAGR of 10.2% during the forecast period.

    The Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the largest market. The growth can be attributed to improving socio-economic conditions in emerging economies such as China, India, Indonesia and Thailand. Increased vehicle production and upcoming stringent emissions standards in China and India will boost the automotive turbocharger market. Wastegate turbocharging technology is expected to be the most important segment in terms of technology, while electric turbochargers will be the fastest growing market in the coming years.

    Globally, the gasoline segment is expected to be the fastest growing segment during the forecast period.

    The use of turbochargers in gasoline engines is expected to increase at a high rate due to the falling price of turbocharged gasoline engine technology and new emissions regulations. These factors will encourage OEMs to increase the use of turbochargers in gasoline passenger cars.

    Asia-Pacific is expected to be the largest regional market

    Asia-Pacific is the largest producer of passenger cars in the world, due to the presence of major automakers in the region. The main auto-producing countries in Asia-Pacific are China, Japan, India and South Korea. Asia-Pacific is also the largest market for automotive turbochargers due to the strict emission standards implemented in this region. China VI-a, with its lower limits than Euro VI, was implemented in 2019 for gas engines, and China VI-b is expected to be implemented in 2021. The BS-VI standards of l India were implemented in 2020 (ignoring BS V standards).

    Main topics covered:

    1. Introduction

    2 Research methodology

    3 Executive summary
    3.1 Pre- and post-COVID-19 scenario

    4 premium information
    4.1 Attractive Opportunities in the Automotive Turbochargers Market
    4.2 Automotive Turbochargers Market, by Technology
    4.3 Automotive Turbochargers Market, by Fuel Type
    4.4 Automotive Turbochargers Market, By Vehicle Type
    4.5 Automotive Turbochargers Market, By Material
    4.6 Off-Road Turbochargers Market, By Application
    4.7 Automotive Turbochargers Market, by Region
    4.8 Secondary Market of Automotive Turbochargers, by Region

    5 Market overview
    5.1 Presentation
    5.2 Market dynamics
    5.2.1 Drivers Decrease in Nox emission limits in future emissions regulations Increasing demand for gasoline-powered passenger cars
    5.2.2 Constraints Higher maintenance costs and increased cooling oil requirements Decrease in vehicle production in recent years
    5.2.3 Opportunities Development of electric turbochargers
    5.2.4 Challenges Turbo latency Durable, temperature resistant and economical materials for turbochargers
    5.3 Trends / Disruptions Affecting Buyers of Automotive Turbochargers Market
    5.4 Automotive Turbochargers Market Scenario
    5.4.1 Realistic scenario
    5.4.2 High COVID-19 impact scenario
    5.4.3 COVID-19 Low Impact Scenario
    5.5 Porter’s five forces analysis
    5.6 Automotive Turbocharger Market Ecosystem
    5.6.1 Turbocharger component manufacturers
    5.6.2 Turbocharger Manufacturers
    5.6.3 OEM
    5.7 Supply chain analysis
    5.8 Trend in average selling price
    5.9 Patent analysis
    5.9.1 Applications and granted patents, 2018-2021
    5.10 Analysis of the case studies
    5.10.1 Garrett Motion Case Study – Electric Turbo
    5.10.2 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – Development of High Efficiency Gasoline Engine with Two-Stage Turbocharging System Case Study
    5.11 Technology analysis
    5.12 Regulatory framework
    5.13 Fuel economy standards

    6 Automotive Turbochargers Market, By Vehicle Type
    6.1 Presentation
    6.1.1 Research methodology
    6.1.2 Assumptions
    6.1.3 Industry Overview
    6.1.4 Global Vehicle Production Data
    6.2 Passenger cars
    6.2.1 Increased production of passenger cars will boost turbocharging market in Asia-Pacific and Europe
    6.3 Light commercial vehicles
    6.3.1 Increasing Application of Turbochargers in Light Commercial Vehicles Will Drive North American Market Growth
    6.4 Trucks
    6.4.1 Growth in construction, infrastructure and transport sectors to stimulate the market
    6.5 Bus
    6.5.1 Growing demand for public and private transport to boost the bus market

    7 Automotive Turbochargers Market, By Fuel Type
    7.1 Presentation
    7.1.1 Research methodology
    7.1.2 Assumptions
    7.1.3 Industry Overview
    7.2 Diesel
    7.2.1 Increasing strict emissions standards will fuel the market
    7.3 Gasoline
    7.3.1 Growing demand from Europe will boost the market for gasoline vehicles
    7.4 Alternative fuel / Cng
    7.4.1 Subsidized prices and environmental benefits will help alternative fuel / CNG vehicles to develop

    8 Automotive Turbocharger Market, by Technology
    8.1 Presentation
    8.1.1 Research methodology
    8.1.2 Assumptions
    8.1.3 Industry Overview
    8.2 Variable geometry turbocharger (Vgt / Vnt)
    8.2.1 Demand for high efficiency, low carbon technologies will drive this segment
    8.3 Relief valve turbocharger
    8.3.1 Rising Small Car Demand in Asia-Pacific Will Lead to Wastegate Turbochargers
    8.4 Electric turbocharger
    8.4.1 The use of 48V architecture in plug-in hybrid vehicles will power this segment
    8.5 Variable double scroll turbocharger
    8.6 Double turbocharger
    8.6.1 Series two-stage turbocharger
    8.6.2 Two-stage parallel turbocharger
    8.6.3 Twin Scroll Turbocharger
    8.7 Floating turbocharger
    8.8 Twin-axle turbocharger

    9 Automotive Turbochargers Market, By Material
    9.1 Presentation
    9.1.1 Research methodology
    9.1.2 Assumptions
    9.1.3 Industry Overview
    9.2 Cast iron
    9.2.1 The demand for economical and heat resistant materials will propel this segment
    9.3 Aluminum
    9.3.1 Increased Use of Aluminum Turbine Housing in Ldv Will Drive Market
    9.4 Others
    9.4.1 The use of materials like titanium, nickel and cobalt in performance cars will boost the market for turbochargers

    10 Automotive Turbochargers Market, By Component
    10.1 Presentation
    10.1.1 Industry Overview
    10.2 Turbine
    10.3 Compressor
    10.4 Accommodation

    11 Automotive Off-Road Turbochargers Market, By Application
    11.1 Presentation
    11.1.1 Research methodology
    11.1.2 Assumptions
    11.1.3 Industry Overview
    11.2 Agricultural tractors
    11.2.1 Growing demand for high performance electric tractors will drive demand for turbochargers
    11.3 Construction equipment
    11.3.1 Growth of Construction and Infrastructure Business in Asia-Pacific and North America will Drive the Market

    12 Automotive Turbocharger Accessories Market, By Vehicle Type
    12.1 Presentation
    12.1.1 Research methodology
    12.1.2 Assumptions
    12.1.3 Industry Overview
    12.2 Light commercial vehicles (Lcv)
    12.2.1 Growing adoption of turbochargers in light commercial vehicles will drive the market in future
    12.3 Heavy commercial vehicle (Hcv)
    12.3.1 High miles traveled by Hcvs driving this segment

    13 Automotive Turbochargers Market, By Region

    14 recommendations by markets and markets
    14.1 Asia-Pacific to be the Primary Automotive Turbocharger Market
    14.2 Electric turbocharger can be a key target for manufacturers
    14.3 Conclusion

    15 Competitive landscape
    15.1 Overview
    15.2 Automotive Turbochargers Market Share Analysis
    15.3 Analysis of the revenues of the best rated / public players
    15.4 Mapping Competitive Leadership
    15.4.1 Star
    15.4.2 Emerging leaders
    15.4.3 Omnipresent
    15.4.4 Emerging companies
    15.5 Mapping Competitive Leadership: Turbocharger Manufacturers
    15.5.1 Strength of the product portfolio
    15.5.2 Excellence in business strategy
    15.6 Mapping Competitive Leadership: Component Suppliers
    15.6.1 Strength of the product portfolio
    15.6.2 Excellence in business strategy
    15.7 Competitive scenario
    15.8 Right to win

    16 company profiles
    16.1 Key players
    16.1.1 Garrett Motion Inc. (Honeywell)
    16.1.2 Continental agriculture
    16.1.3 Borgwarner Inc.
    16.1.4 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
    16.1.5 Ihi Corporation
    16.1.6 Bmt technology
    16.1.7 Cummins Inc.
    16.1.8 Abbot
    16.1.9 Phone
    16.1.10 Delphi Technologies (Borgwarner)
    16.2 Additional company profiles
    16.2.1 Rotomaster International
    16.2.2 Precision Turbo & Engine Inc.
    16.2.3 Turbonetics Inc.
    16.2.4 Turbo International
    16.2.5 Kompressorenbau Bannewitz GmbH
    16.2.6 Turbo Dynamics Ltd.
    16.2.7 Cimos
    16.2.8 Marelli Company
    16.2.9 Weifang Fuyuan Turbocharger Co., Ltd.
    16.2.10 Hunan Tyen Machinery Co., Ltd.
    16.2.11 Ningbo Motor Industrial Co., Ltd.

    17 Annex

    For more information on this report, visit

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    ]]> US Asia Advisor Kurt Campbell Says Beijing Likely To End Trade War On Australian Terms Wed, 01 Dec 2021 02:20:30 +0000

    Senior Asian adviser to US President Joe Biden said China’s campaign of economic sanctions against Australia had failed and predicted Beijing would reconnect with the federal government on Australia’s terms.

    White House Indo-Pacific adviser Kurt Campbell told the Lowy Institute that Beijing’s coordinated sanctions on a range of Australian products – including coal, barley, wine, timber and lobster – were designed to bring Australia “to its knees”.

    “I firmly believe that over time China will re-engage with Australia. But it will re-engage, I believe, on Australian terms,” ​​he said.

    “I think China’s preference would have been to break Australia. To bring Australia to its knees… I don’t think it’s going to play out that way.

    While China’s tariffs and informal trade barriers have been very damaging to some Australian industries – particularly wine and lobster exporters – a large majority of the effectively stranded goods from China have been redirected to others. markets.

    Campbell said China respects “strength” and that Australia’s resolve in the face of economic sanctions will strengthen its position vis-à-vis the Chinese government.

    He also said that Biden “briefly” touched on China’s economic coercion on Australia when he met Chinese President Xi Jinping last month, suggesting he was on a list of Chinese activities. ” concerning “the American president.

    “President Biden was very clear and animated about what we had seen in Australia, [the] frontier [conflict] with India, all the things that I mentioned, and I just said ‘we were worried’, ”he told the Lowy Institute.

    “We are concerned about some of these steps and what they signal with regard to China.”

    A panel operator works on his computer with the interview with Kurt Campbell being broadcast on screen via video link.
    Mr. Campbell spoke to the Lowy Institute on various issues, including the AUKUS agreement and the national debate on Taiwan.(Provided)

    AUKUS fuels sense of ‘excitement’ among allies

    Mr. Campbell answered several questions about the AUKUS Technology Pact between the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

    While the main initiative pursued under the pact is Australia’s willingness to build eight nuclear-powered submarines using American and British technology, the framework is also being used to foster broader cooperation on a range of other defense technologies.

    Mr Campbell said there was a sense of “excitement” about this broader cooperative agenda and said “several” US allies had asked if they could work together on the framework, although it did not name individual countries.

    “Many close allies came to us immediately afterwards and said, ‘Can we participate? “Can we engage? ” “, did he declare.

    “And it’s a credit to Australia and Britain for insisting, yes, it’s not a closed architecture. It’s an open architecture. We want to work with partners in these key areas of military innovation as we move forward. “

    Mr Campbell said the AUKUS deal would strengthen “strategic intimacy” between Australia and the United States. (Photo by POIS Yuri Ramsey / Australian Defense Force via Getty Images)

    Some Australian analysts fear that the drive to develop nuclear submarines with the UK and US will undermine Australian sovereignty, as future governments will remain dependent on US technology and expertise to operate the new ships. .

    Mr Campbell insisted Australian sovereignty would not be “lost” but said there would be more “strategic intimacy” between the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom under AUKUS while the three armies strengthened cooperation.

    “I think what I am suggesting is that Australian sailors will have the option of serving on US ships and vice versa,” he said.

    Taiwan debates a “very delicate subject”

    He also refused to get caught up in the furious domestic political debate over Taiwan.

    Last month Defense Minister Peter Dutton was criticized by Labor after saying it was “inconceivable” that Australia would not join the United States if there was a conflict over Taiwan.

    Shadow Foreign Secretary Penny Wong has accused Mr Dutton of stoking tensions with China for political gain and of undermining the US policy of strategic ambiguity – where she refuses to say exactly how she would react to a Chinese invasion of the Autonomous Island.

    Mr Dutton responded by accusing Labor of “moving away from the Australian-American alliance crab”.

    But Mr. Campbell simply reiterated that current US policy towards Taiwan “has not changed” and that the Biden administration still strives to ensure that Taiwan has “the appropriate defensive articles in place to be able to deter the aggression”.

    “I just want to stress that this is a very delicate matter. We understand the delicate role it plays in US-China relations,” he told the Lowy Institute.

    “But we also believe that if the United States is determined, determined and clear in its messages, we can maintain peace and stability and secure the status quo in the future.”

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    Board of Directors: Wood Construction Owner’s License Remains Suspended, Revocation Hearing Pending | WJHL Tue, 30 Nov 2021 18:55:36 +0000

    TRI-CITIES / NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – Leighton ‘Joe’ Wood, owner of former Johnson City Wood Construction and Remodeling, LLC., And his attorneys have waived their right to speak before the Tennessee Board for Licensing Contractors in an informal hearing convened to respond to allegations that his company has abandoned at least 47 home repair projects in Tennessee.

    In light of this, the board decided Tuesday to keep Wood’s license to contract in Tennessee suspended indefinitely, pending a revocation hearing.

    Previous investigations on Channel 11 have revealed that clients of the company – ranging from the Tri-Cities area to Middle Tennessee and North Carolina – allege that Wood Construction charged them an illegally large down payment for house projects that ‘they have not completed, or in some cases even started.

    Wood and his attorneys initially voluntarily agreed to suspend his Tennessee contractual license on October 27, pending an informal hearing where Wood and his team could respond to clients’ allegations and share their perspective. This hearing was then set for Tuesday, November 30.

    It came as dozens of consumer complaints were filed with the Tennessee attorney general’s office against the company.

    However, Wood and his attorneys ultimately decided to waive their right to appear before council at Tuesday’s hearing in Nashville. Attorney Christopher Rogers told News Channel 11 it’s because, since their agreement to suspend Wood’s license on October 27, a criminal investigation has been opened by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

    Rogers said that since the investigation is ongoing by the TBI and criminal charges are possible, his client has the right not to incriminate himself. The legal team advised Wood not to appear before the board at Tuesday’s hearing in light of the BIT’s involvement. They agreed with the Board’s legal representatives that Wood’s license would remain suspended.

    News Channel 11 has requested a full statement from Wood’s legal team and will provide updates as they are received.

    “His license is suspended,” Kevin Walters of the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance said Tuesday. “The next step is a hearing to remove it. Now, it is the criminal investigation that the TBI oversees. “

    Walters said they have not yet set a date for the revocation hearing at which the board will make a final decision on revoking Wood’s contractual license.

    Stay with News Channel 11 for updates to this developing story.

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    Academy for Creative Media installation star of the design awards season Tue, 30 Nov 2021 01:16:09 +0000
    © Gensler / Ryan Gobuty

    The Creative Media Academy (ACM) installation at the University of Hawaii-Where is Oahu has received numerous design awards for his creativity, the high quality of his work overall and his positive impact on the community.

    The installation received honors from the Building Industry Association of Hawaii, AIA Honolulu, NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association Hawaii Chapter, International Interior Design Association Hawaii Pacific Chapter, GCA of Hawaii and Engineering News Record. The $ 33.3 million, over 40,000 foot design-build contract for the structure has been awarded to Kiewit Building Group. The official architect is Next Design, based in Honolulu SARL. EUH Project manager Project delivery office Brandon shima, ACM Founder and Director of the System Chris lee and EUH Where is Oahu Director of Planning Bonnie arakawa supervised the project on behalf of EUH.

    ACM building
    © Gensler / Ryan Gobuty

    The installation of creative media in EUH Where is Oahu consists of production spaces which include a two-story sound stage for filming, a multi-purpose hall, a 100-seat theater with Dolby Atmos mixing capability, a Foley stage for sound reproduction, editing suites, suites mixing, intermediate digital color grading, eSports Arena, student-run business incubator, open-air amphitheater, emerging media lab and factory workshop to create film sets and gear cages. The ACM the facility will link additional facilities and programs throughout the 10 EUH campus and across the state as a catalyst for Hawaiiof the intellectual property workforce.

    “It was really a team effort, especially since it was one of the EUHfirst design / build projects, ”said Lee. Congratulations go to Alika Fujimoto of Kiewit, Stanford Lee of Next Design and A V Mark Grassi of the Sextant Group consultant, their colleagues, and all of their suppliers for completing the project on time and on budget despite COVID protocols. On the EUH side, Brandon Shima and Bonnie Arakawa and EUH Where is Oahu ACM Director Sharla Hanaoka were there every step of the way in design and construction. Of course, none of this would have been possible without funding from the state legislature and governor. The ACM installation at EUH Where is Oahu is truly the hub of creative media education in Hawaii and provides our students with unparalleled standard production capabilities.

    EUH Where is OahuCreative Media’s Creative Media program encompasses digital media education and storytelling as experienced through video, animation, video games, design, social media, website development and entertainment. ‘applications, virtual and augmented reality and other new forms of communication and media design through concentrations in communication and new media technologies, design and media, design and development of games and creative media in general.

    “This space is the imagination’s newest playground and reinforces everyone’s hard work of building the curriculum, academic joints, and the actual facility for future generations,” Hanaoka said.

    Read more in Ka Puna O Kalo’i.

    -Through Leila Wai Shimokawa

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    Restoration powers: are we in a golden age of course restorations? Mon, 29 Nov 2021 19:18:29 +0000

    Editor’s Note: This is the first in a two-part series devoted to restorations of courses built during the golden age of course architecture.

    One Tuesday afternoon in late June, Gil Hanse was standing in the grill at the Baltusrol Golf Club, located about 20 miles west of New York City in Springfield, NJ, and he shared with a select group of media and of club members his point of view and point of view. on the nearly two-year restoration project his team carried out on the lower reaches. The intention of the project was to turn the track into the championship site that AW Tillinghast had envisioned and built almost a century ago.