“Fall Protection for Construction”: Oregon OSHA Launches Spanish Version of Online Training Course | 2021-09-07

Salem, OR – Oregon OSHA has launched a Spanish version of its free online video training course on fall protection for the construction industry.

“Fall Protection for Construction” is the fourth in the agency’s fall protection course series, which discusses fall hazards in specific industries and in various work situations. The course – published in English last year – features hands-on demonstrations and insights from industry leaders, along with relevant requirements and an explanation of terms and processes. The course covers a comprehensive set of fall protection topics, such as fall arrest and restraint systems objectives, fall distance calculations, scaffolding, guardrails, on-board work. ‘attack and holes / openings.

Falls are the leading cause of injury and death in construction, according to Oregon OSHA – which operates under the federal OSHA State Plan. Between 2016 and 2020, the state had accepted 1,520 construction workers’ disability claims due to falls to a lower level.

“This new course reflects Oregon OSHA’s continued commitment to expand our training offerings for Spanish-speaking employers and workers in a way that fits their busy schedules and helps them maintain safe workplaces,” said Roy Kroker, the agency’s head of consultation and public education. in a press release.

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