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https://www.winfavourfan.com/ – Sold directly or through any central group retail store, Baan & Beyond, ThaiWatsadu, PowerBuy, etc.

The WinFavour company has a wide range of quality fans and their after-sales service is second to none! (More on this below).

We purchased a fan, model without light similar to the one above, for a specific room and it is virtually indistinguishable from our kitchen fan which was from another company and cost almost 3 times the price. The kitchen fan had to be black so it wouldn’t show stains over a long period of time and it made sense to use a similar design and color for this purpose in the adjacent casual coffee lounge.

I installed this fan using the supplied down rod fairly easily, the mounting block above the ceiling panel having been installed during construction. (the photo shows the main support before fixing the plywood spacer). Note: Hugger style components are supplied but best suited for low ceilings or concrete roofs – masonry bolts are also supplied.


Instructions are in Thai but with pictures too, not that I needed a reference as all the wiring is color coded for the remote receiver or wall switch. A minor issue was quickly overcome by a LINE call (on a holiday) to the “service” number which turned out to be the owner of the company. Now it’s SERVICE. Oh and the fan has a 10 year warranty.

Once installed, we couldn’t be happier. The fan is super quiet and (this model) really moves the air! Average speed more than enough and covers a wide arc. This is an important factor that is deficient in some brands and models of fans. It is beneficial to test a shop demonstrator for actual airflow. IMO 4-blade fans or 3-blade propeller fans are best.

Back story – I nearly bought a batch of (~11) WinFavour fans 4 years ago, but went with another vendor who we had previous experience with and had recently opened a local store. I also liked a particular 4-blade silver-colored model that suited our modern decor. We had a minor fault with a hugger style rack in the utility room which caused anguish – twice sent to Bangkok for repair to no avail we finally spoke with the owner’s friend and tech guru who is come to us during his next CM visit. The issue was resolved by fully tightening all main motor cap screws to stop the resonance. Fast forward 3 years and the service from this old company is so poor that we didn’t buy the last model in stock – ex-demonstrator offered complete with stripes offered at retail price! Requests for assistance from Bangkok went unanswered or referred to our local office unnecessarily.

WinFavour now gets my business and I’m happy to shout it from the rooftop! 😃

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