BuildWitt announces development of construction training software

The first deployment of the BuildWitt training platform offers succinct training videos on five critical construction tasks: worker, grade checker, pipelayer, operator and field supervisor or foreman.


BuildWitt develops construction training software designed to help solve people problems that construction companies face. Called BuildWitt Training, the new video training platform is designed to improve crew training. Pricing for the platform ranges from a basic annual plan of $3,000 for a two-user license to an annual enterprise plan of $51,000 for 500 user licenses. Each of the five pricing packages can be scaled as contractors add additional users.

“Over the past four years, we have visited hundreds of job sites, had thousands of conversations and seen construction companies in depth from every angle,” said Aaron Witt, CEO and Founder of BuildWitt. “And contractors tell us they need to get new hires up to speed as quickly as possible.”

It won’t replace hands-on experience, but the first deployment of the BuildWitt training platform offers succinct training videos on five critical construction jobs: laborer, grade checker, pipelayer, operator (with instructions for ten machines) and field supervisor. or foreman. The platform launched this month and features over 350 video lessons that cover industry basics, safety, roles and responsibilities, and tips and tricks, among other topics. Several hundred additional video lessons will be available by the end of the year. The microlearning app-based format offers short videos, assessments, and quizzes.

“We’re just doing something that’s never been done in the Dirt World before,” Witt said.

Using the BuildWitt Training app, users can spend a few minutes watching a lesson during downtime, alone, during rain delays or training days.

“They can consume it in small chunks daily without taking them away from work,” explained Allen Hurst, Chief Technology Officer, BuildWitt.

“Many learning management systems produce content for people who sit at a desk all day,” Hurst said. “But that’s not what’s going to allow us to succeed in this industry. We address some of the most underserved needs first.

Each lesson features an industry expert, including contractors and BuildWitt training specialists, led by Jay Collup, the company’s Director of Field Development and industry veteran for over 16 years. One of the most valuable parts of our brand is our credibility with people on the ground,” Hurst said. “It’s important that we keep this in mind with every video we create.”

Platform admins can also take the role-based courses and customize them to suit their processes. They can upload their own videos, create quizzes and assessments, or use the hundreds of options built into the program.

Contractor Response

Before its launch, the platform had more than 60 entrepreneur clients. These early adopters say they were drawn to the platform’s ability to provide real-time, 24/7 communication, correction and guidance.

“Training is one of the best ways to eliminate inefficiencies, maintain safety and eliminate downtime,” said Ben Ruthven, superintendent, Peitzmeier Demolition and Concrete Cutting, Omaha, Nebraska. “BuildWitt Training allows us to integrate our internal material seamlessly and offers the potential to help develop content and learn from others in the business.”

“I was looking for a platform that would align with the way I’ve always trained. Now I have the tools to do it,” said Dusty Neil, Environmental Manager, L4 Construction, Lyons, Colo .

Software developments

Hurst said additional features are coming quickly, including multilingual formats, additional site roles and security-specific modules. According to Witt, since it is not affiliated with any OEM, association, union, trade school, supplier or contractor, BuildWitt can use its middle ground position to help unite the industry to solve its personnel problem.

“We have the best chance of getting everyone on the same team because we’re everyone’s friend,” Witt said. “We also have a brand that means something on job boards in the United States”

Fueled by additional investment via Series A funding, BuildWitt plans to grow. Plans include hosting weekly training classes, providing equipment simulators for children and adults, and possibly building a DIRT (demonstration, inspiration, research and training) facility at its Nashville headquarters.

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