Build the infrastructure in tourist destinations according to the local architecture, taste: CUK VC

In his keynote address supplemented by a presentation, Professor Ashish Dahiya said that the tourism industry is the biggest generator of jobs in the world and in India. “Inclusive growth in the tourism sector could be achieved through equitable opportunities for stakeholders, maximizing economic links with the local economy and minimizing economic leakage from the economy,” he said. .

In his special remarks, the Registrar Prof M Afzal Zargar said the tourism industry has been adversely affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic across the world and the need of the hour is to revive and rejuvenate it. “To develop the industry in the country, we need to promote local tourists so that regional tourism is stimulated,” he said. About DTS, he said: “DTS is training the human resources required for the growing tourism sector and students should try to explore and find new travel destinations in Jammu and Kashmir. .

Speaking to participants, Prof Farooq A Shah, Dean School of Business Studies, said all stakeholders should essentially be part of any policy that is developed for the promotion and development of tourism. “People in all parts of the country should be taken into account before formulating policy as this directly affects their livelihoods,” he said and called for the sustainable development of tourist destinations across Jammu, the Kashmir and Ladakh.

DTS coordinator Faizan Ashraf Mir, in his welcoming speech, gave a detailed account of the history of the celebration of the Day. He said the Day is celebrated every year to support the tourism industry and raise awareness among the masses about the role of tourism in the overall growth and development of society. DTS Assistant Professor Ms. Shahnaz Akhtar led the program discussions while DTS Assistant Professor Dr. Ramjit proposed the vote of thanks.

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