Argentina: building a home, a family and a future

“Giving” is like a breeze that opens so many doors. This is the story of a few Youth for Unity who supported a family in need on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The friendship that developed led them to share experiences they could never have imagined.

The work started a few months ago by Youth for Unity, with New Youth and other members of the community, in the towns of Rodríguez and Luján, in the province of Buenos Aires, has developed in unexpected and providential ways.
It all started at Christmas 2021, when some Youth for Unity thought that some families wouldn’t have anything special to eat during the holiday season and they decided to take action. . The first thing they did was contact Titian and his parents. Titan was five years old and lived with his family in difficult conditions in a very poor neighborhood. They prepared a beautiful basket full of delicious things for them to eat at such a special time: among them a chicken, a salad, good wine, cider, panettone, pudding and soft drinks. They also thought of some gifts.

But the joy they created didn’t stop there. When Youth for Unity brought the Christmas basket to the family, they began to understand firsthand the reality in which these people lived. Having decent accommodation, if only to avoid being out in the cold during the winter, seemed utopian. “It was shocking,” said a New Youth representative, “but, at the same time, it was also a moment of real joy. to start the first year of primary school came forward and our concrete response was unanimous: “Let’s support him!”
“We decided to buy him everything he needed for school. This meant shoes, socks, t-shirts, pants, apron, backpack, exercise book, pencils,” says Youth for Unity, which also received financial support from other young people. , friends from Mendoza in Argentina and from Guatemala. They still remember Titian’s first day at school: “Mom sent us photos of the child with his new things, they were really happy.

But there is more. Some time later, volunteers and other adults who knew of the Movement – many of whom were housewives linked to the New Humanity – told them that they had providentially obtained money to buy materials to build a house for the family.
Ricardo, the father, was an accomplished builder and also had sand and building materials. In this way the financial aid was turned into bricks and cement and within 20 days the house was standing. Winter was approaching and it was very important for them to have a shelter. A voicemail from Titian on WhatsApp confirmed this: “Thank you for donating the bricks for my room.”

(from Ciudad Nueva magazine, Cono Sud)

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