A new company is about to call a well-known construction house in the city of Ozark

DOTHAN, Alabama (WTVY) – After nearly 15 years of vacancy, the Van Heusen building is ready to come back to life. A company offering a new and unique product in the region.

Brittanie’s Thyme is a line of natural and organic skin care, hand soaps, hand sanitizers, facial cleansers, moisturizers and everything is natural, there are no chemicals or of synthetics, ”said Bret Holmes, president of Brittanie’s Thyme, LLC.

Brittanie’s Thyme, LLC was looking for a new place to feel at home with room for expansion, landing them in Ozark.

“The reason they moved here was because they couldn’t continue to grow and they had a hard time attracting the workforce to where they were so here we hope we can help them to provide this workforce and these resources and we hope they can grow beyond their expectations, ”said Holle Smith, president of Ozark-Dale County Economic Development Cooperation.

For owners, it’s more than being a business, it’s being part of the community and helping to create jobs.

“Well we’re looking to create up to 50 jobs over a period of time and hopefully they will expand well beyond that and the positive side of bringing us a new industry is just going to be a boost. for Ozark, “said Mark Blankenship – Mayor of the City of Ozark.

This business will be beneficial far beyond the income it brings.

“Obviously providing jobs is very important and generating sales tax revenue on their online sales, but also just bringing a whole new family that is invested in the community that will get involved and be a part of things here. Smith said.

Brittanie’s Thyme won’t start production in Ozark yet, first of all, they plan to start with the city to do nearly half a million dollars in renovations to the property.

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