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When the introductory and the main parts of the composition are already written, the last and no less important stage is the conclusion. The final part of the composition must be given special attention. It should be logically related to the beginning of the text, to correspond to a common theme and idea, to contain the main conclusion. It is desirable that the last sentence of the composition reflect paper writer personal attitude, opinion. Qualitatively executed conclusion can raise the rating and evaluation for not very outstanding work, and written negligent – to spoil the opinion of good work in general. General recommendations will help correctly and competently finish the composition.

The conclusion is intended to sum up the whole composition

There are several ways to write meaningful, competent and logicalderivation.

You can create a condensed presentation-generalization, gathering together all the main thoughts, conclusions and your own opinion.

Creative approach to writing final essay phrases is acceptable. Make a sharp transition, use allegory, apply the relevant quote or start the conclusion with the antithesis, create an unexpected and original ending. It is advisable to avoid this method in examinations, but when writing written works this method is justified.

Light in conclusion your attitude to the author’s position. If your opinion differs from the opinion of the author of the work, express it gently, without negative shade and harsh language.

Show that the raised problem is really interesting to you, show individuality, express your own opinion.

Remember that a great role is played by literacy, stylistic consistency of the text. The conclusion should not look like a separate part, not related to the main text.

Be sure to reread the composition 2-3 times entirely, together with the final part. So you will see how harmoniously and whole the text is perceived, whether the conclusions are well seen, whether the conclusion is the present result of the composition.