Dissertation proposal help.

If the essay writing is a creative process, then the thesis of the case is different.

Scientific research is a titanic work. It requires incredible moral and physical efforts at all stages. We want to share with you the secrets that will help you in this difficult matter.

Any serious work needs a preliminary planning. The whole process should be divided into stages:

  • choice of topic;
  • work with methodical recommendations on writing a dissertation;
  • drawing up a work plan;
  • search and study of literature;
  • writing an introduction;
  • work on theoretical and practical parts;
  • drawing up an opinion;
  • work on a list of sources and applications;
  • drawing up a table of contents;
  • decor.

Choosing a topic is what you need to start with. It should be interesting to the applicant. It is necessary to take into account the relevance and novelty of the future research. If they have already worked on the topic, they will not admit the thesis to the defense.

Next, you need to plan your work. It is advisable for the supervisor to check and correct your plan.

All parts are desirable to write in turn. As a result, they must be a logical chain of interrelated information. The thoughts, hypotheses, scientific conclusions voiced by you should not contradict each other.

There may be a need for new sources. Do not be afraid to add them, changing the original list.

It is better not to delay writing work. It will have to be altered and corrected several more times.

Applications are best done in parallel with the main part of the work. In the list of literature you should use only those sources, which you refer to in the text of the work. The list of literature is required in accordance with GOST. In the list of literature there must necessarily be scientific sources in a foreign language.

And now, the secrets are clues. Before you start, read several theses on your specialty. This will help to imagine what your work should be.

While working on the plan, recall Sherlock Holmes’s famous deductive method: the sections in the work should provide information from partial to general or vice versa.

In GOSTs there are requirements not only to the formulation of the dissertation, but also to its content. Read them so that later there will be no misunderstandings.

Do not be lazy to look into the library. Sometimes there are publications that are not available on the Internet. Many libraries have an electronic catalog and literature selection services on topics. This is very convenient, especially when you do not know where to start.